NBDB database provides profiles of Elementary Functional Loops (EFLs) involved in binding of nucleotide-containing ligands. Each EFL in form of a PSSM (position-specific scoring matrix) profile is complemented with the information on SCOP entities, structural representatives in the PDB, and interactions between EFLs residues and corresponding parts of ligands. A comprehensive set of 249 profiles covers interactions with 24 nucleotide-containing ligands, cofactors and vitamins. You can explore profile interactions with different ligands and their chemical moieties. It is also possible to search for EFLs involved into binding of nucleotide-containing ligands given the protein sequence of interest. All data is freely available in machine-readable format.

Ligands and the corresponding ligand-binding EFL sequence profiles:

The matrix below provides an overview of sequence profiles (X-axis) that bind to any molecular part of the corresponding ligands (Y-axis). Hover your mouse over the colored cells to see the interacting profile. Click on a cell to explore interactions between the ligand and the profile in the intersection.